Out and about – Tex Mex


With the arrival of a pretty awful Monday in the office, cooking fell by the wayside to be replaced by a meal out with one of my best friends and colleagues. This got me to thinking that my ideas about Applepiezucchini should be expanded to include quick reviews on any restaurants I have been to – nothing pretentious, just where I’ve been and whether I think you should go too! Most of these will be in Edinburgh, but if I venture further afield in search of good food I’ll put others on here too.

So, first up is Tex Mex, a little mexican (how did you guess!) place on Thistle Street in the centre of town.

There is no way you could miss this place – a vivid purple front makes the restaurant jump out at you from the quiet cobbles of the rest of the street. The inside is even brighter but the atmosphere is friendly and warm rather than garish.

My favourite thing about Tex Mex is the chilli popcorn that they give you to snack on while you order. It’s delicious and I would eat it for the whole meal if I could!!

My friend ate quesadillas and I had chicken¬†enchiladas. The enchiladas were delicious, coming piping hot with a side portion of rice and salad. They were quite cheese-laden, so perhaps not a menu choice for those worried about being too healthy, but were just what I wanted (and very comforting). For all spice lovers, don’t fret as the waiter offered hot sauce to those brave or foolish enough to want it! I was told the quesadillas were delicious as they certainly looked.

Dessert saw the order of brownie and ice-cream (and 2 spoons). One word…..YUM! I love brownies, and this one was the perfect amount of slightly crisp on the outside and squishy in the middle.

If this wasn’t enough to tempt you, Tex Mex are known as having the best frozen margaritas in Edinburgh! So, overall I think Tex Mex is good value, friendly, and with good food – a great place for a quick lunch or a dinner out with the girls!

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