Puff Pizzas!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my two favourite indulgent foods are cake and pizza! I have already posted about cake and so now is the time for the first pizza related post on applepiezucchini!

When I say pizza, I am not being totally accurate, but this is a quick (and inexpensive) dinner that I love to make during the week without being too naughty and having a takeaway! Instead of the classic pizza dough base this recipe uses puff pastry, and can be made from start to finish in about 25 minutes.

Again, I am cheating and am not suggesting for a second making your own puff pastry here – I am all for making pastry when you have the time and the inclination but have nothing but praise for the ready-made “jus-rol” pastry you can buy in the fridge section of the supermarket. If you want to feel like you have done a bit more cooking you can buy a block and roll the pastry out, or if you want your life made as easy as possible, buy the ready-rolled version!

Ok, so here is what you do:

Step 1

Roll out your pastry (or open the packet!)

Step 2

Cover the pastry with your tomato base leaving a border of around an inch all the way round. This time I used tomato purée with salt, pepper and fresh thyme mixed in but it is really up to you – plain tomato purée tastes great but you can be as cheffy or not as you want.

Step 3

Cover with toppings of your choice! I used sliced chorizo and grated cheese but make different combinations every time depending what is in the fridge.

Step 4

Bake in the oven for around 25 minutes until the pastry has puffed up round the edges and the cheese has melted.

Step 5 

Serve with salad, or chips, or more pizza!


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