Balsamic vinegar and roasted red onion bread

Very little beats the taste and smell of a fresh loaf of bread straight from the oven. Even though I think this I have very rarely made my own (although I do cheat a wee bit and use a bread machine from time to time). Having been home over Christmas and seen Dad baking pretty much every day I decided I should try to make my own bread a bit more often.

As mentioned in the last post, I decided to start by making a balsamic vinegar and roasted red onion loaf. Not entirely from scratch I have to admit, as it is one of the new James Martin bread mixes. Don’t judge me too much though, as this is just a dry mix of the flour, yeast and flavouring and I still had to knead, prove and bake the bread myself! I just couldn’t resist trying it as I love anything with balsamic vinegar in.

It turns out that baking bread is not as tricky or as lengthy as I remember it being, and so I am going to try and bake fresh bread by hand when I am in the house on a weekend. This was a really nice tasting loaf although it needed slightly longer in the oven than the 15 mins it recommended. It would probably be long enough if you split the dough into several smaller rolls but I think it needed nearer 20-25 mins for a single loaf.

Ben and I made this disappear pretty quickly – and it was equally yummy on its own or with a mixed salad. Feel free to suggest any nice breads you would recommend me trying!

One thought on “Balsamic vinegar and roasted red onion bread

  1. Remember, if you want to know anything about baking bread – just ask me. …..and then I’ll look it up on Google.

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