Lemon tarts

This weekend has mostly been dedicated to Ben finishing his thesis and me doing some proof-reading, but I needed a break from electrical engineering and so turned (as usual) to baking!!!

I wasn’t in the mood for anything complicated so decided to make some little lemon curd tarts. I completely cheated and bought sweet shortcrust pastry and the lemon curd, and so it was just a case of cutting the pastry rounds, filling with the curd, and baking in a hot oven (200 degrees) for about 10 minutes.

While they were cooling I decided they looked a little plain and would be nice with a touch of bitter dark chocolate to offset some of the sweetness. I used a cocktail stick to put little drops of chocolate onto half the tarts, and drizzled lines of chocolate over the rest.

Very pretty, very quick, and very tasty – the most satisfying type of baking!!

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