Last night I made one of my absolute favourite recipes – I have had this for years and it is gradually making it round all my family and friends (and their friends so I hear!).

This is a tiny bit more complex than other chilli recipes I have seen and made, but this one is definitely worth the extra time and effort! It doesn’t take too much preparation, but you have to be able to leave it simmering for an hour or two. For any sceptics out there, the addition of dark chocolate to a chilli is brilliant and just makes the taste richer whilst taking away any powdery taste which comes from the dry spices.

Now much as I would like to I can’t take credit for this lovely recipe – it is one of Anthony Worrall Thompson’s and the the link to the BBC page with the ingredients and directions is here.

I do tweak the recipe ever-so-slightly for a couple of things; I use a bit less chilli and more tomato puree than the recipe suggests, and I let it cook for a bit longer (adding water if necessary).

Although the recipe says to serve with rice, I like to have rice, fresh bread, salad, sour cream and tortilla chips all out on the table around a wok-full of the chilli, so people can help themselves and eat it however they prefer. I love this laid back way of eating, and because all the work is done at the start it’s a perfect meal to serve if you have people over for dinner and don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen!

3 thoughts on “Chilli

  1. We eat it that way too. Once you’ve tried it, the taste buds ask for another helping and it would be cruel not to allow them some freedom in life.

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