The best thing since sliced bread?

Ok, so as much as I would love to bake my own bread every day, there simply aren’t enough hours! Sliced bread is useful (if unexciting) and some of them aren’t too bad, although they never seem to come close to the excitement of a fresh home-baked loaf.

When in the supermarket the other day I saw that Hovis have started selling bread mixes – and I saw the granary one which is the equivalent of the sliced loaf we usually buy, and decided that this was a good chance for a culinary experiment! How different will a home-baked loaf of Hovis granary bread be to the sliced loaf?

As usual with me since Christmas, the KitchenAid came in handy to knead the dough for me. I know I’ve said it before but this piece of kitchen gadgetry is the best thing I have ever used – thanks Maturi’s!

All that you need to add to the bread mix is water and butter (optional but recommended), knead and bake. I decided to make a round loaf rather than the sliced loaf shape in a loaf tin.

The verdict – not as nice as some breads I have made but definitely better than the sliced version, both in texture and flavour! The dough spread out on the tray quite a bit, but this shape of loaf would be perfect for pate or any sort of bruschetta / open sandwich.

We all knew it would end this way, but turns out the best thing since sliced bread……is bread!

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