Applepiezucchini returns!


Remember me!? So a few months ago in May I get called into a meeting room at work…..pointed at…..and told I am moving away from home to go on secondment for 4 – 6 months, and I have 4 days to get ready!

So….I’ve been living in hotel rooms around the country without being able to cook or blog about food and recipes! I’m not going to lie – I’ve eaten in a lot of nice (and some not so nice!) restaurants but the novelty has well and truly worn off and I am really excited to be back in Edinburgh!

All this restaurant food has not helped my waistline, but I’m just going to have to go to the gym because I’m not going to be able to resist baking, and treating myself to making everything I haven’t been able to cook since May! I’m very keen for all things foodie – so any recipe suggestions very welcome!

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