Paprika Chicken

I am loving being back home and cooking! Having a lot of fun finding new recipes and making the old favourites I’ve not eaten for a few months. I think Ben’s loving it too as his rule has been that he won’t make anything that takes longer to cook than it does to eat…..and he eats quickly!!

This is one of my old favourite recipes and I have been making it for years. I’m afraid I can’t remember where I got it from, but I cannot take the credit for this one! As we’re moving towards winter (we’ve all brought the big jumpers out of hibernation!) this is a lovely comforting one to make. It’s also easy enough to make it as comfort food for a night snuggling on your sofa, but impressive enough to make if you’re having people over for a more formal dinner party!

The only thing you need to be able to do is to slightly plan ahead as the first step involves marinading some large chunks of chicken breast (approximately one chicken breast per person) which you have flattened a little in a marinade made of equal amounts of:

  • wholegrain mustard
  • paprika
  • Worcester sauce
  • runny honey

Now the amounts do depend on how many you’re making this for, and how much sauce you like! I use a heaped tablespoon of each of the above when making this for 2 people. This needs to sit and marinade for at least 4 hours, but you can leave it overnight in the fridge.

To cook, heat some oil in a large frying or sauté pan. Shake excess marinade off each piece of chicken and lay into the pan. Try not to move the chicken apart from a single turn half way through cooking to get a nice caramelised coating on the outside of each piece.

As soon as the chicken goes into the pan, mix double cream into the remaining marinade and stir to make a sauce (again the amount really depends on your taste and how much you’re making). Once the chicken has been turned, pour the sauce around the meat and turn the heat down a little, and the chicken will finish cooking as the sauce bubbles around it.

This is yummy served with mashed potato, roasted potatoes and vegetables, or rice – it’s very versatile!

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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