Chocolate and banana loaf – from Frugal Feeding

Chocolate and banana loaf

One of the first blogs I started following when I started applepiezucchini was Frugal Feeding, and it’s still one of my favourites today. I love the variety of food on there, and the photographs are always beautiful and make me want to try everything!

I saw this post a while ago, but remembered it today when I had some bananas which were just starting to brown, and wanted to make a banana cake. Now I’ve seen a lot of banana bread and banana cake recipes on my travels but the dark chocolate in this one makes it a winner for me!

I won’t post the ingredients or detailed directions on here, but please go and have a look for yourself at this link. Make it! It’s not difficult and I think it’s one of the nicest smelling cakes I have ever made.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I am off to make a pot of tea and have a slice of rather delicious cake!

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