Chorizo, Orzo and Pesto salad

I know, another recipe with chorizo in it! I think I have an addiction!

So, Ben was out on a bike ride with the guys from his office on Sunday, and so I decide to have a lovely day in cooking and getting some housework done. First step – jazz on the hifi…..second step – bread machine on so there would be some fresh bread ready when he got back (I know some of you will think a bread machine is cheating and I should have made it by hand but I think they’re great when you sadly have other things to do beside baking….sigh!).

Next stop, parkin! Now Ben has always raved about his Granny’s parkin recipe and we have finally got hold of a copy from her so we have to give it a go ….. post and pictures soon!

To complete the baking frenzy I then decided to use up some bananas in a chocolate and banana loaf – by this point the kitchen smelt AMAZING but it was time to stop or we wouldn’t be able to eat everything that I’d made!!!

After some washing up and ironing I was absolutely starving so turned to the lovely pasta salad I made the day before. It had just been an experiment to try and vary the packed lunches I was taking to work but it was really nice so I thought it was worth a post! As usual with me, the quantities are a bit of guesswork but pasta salad is by no means a precise science!

To make this salad I used:

  • Orzo pasta
  • Cooking chorizo
  • Red pepper
  • Spring onions
  • Red chilli
  • Garlic
  • Fresh basil
  • Red pesto

While the pasta was boiling, fry everything else apart from the basil and pesto in a large pan… this doesn’t need much/any extra oil as the chorizo will release its own when it starts to cook.

When the pasta is ready, drain and tip in the chorizo mix while it is still hot, and stir through plenty of pesto and shredded basil. Season to taste and then leave to cool (if you can resist eating it there and then!).

Easy peasy! This was really quick (only about 10-15 minutes to make) and was very tasty hot and cold. Next time I make it I think I’ll throw in some sun-dried tomatoes but it’s definitely one to make again.

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