Banana milkshake

Banana milkshake

Do you have recipes that take you back to when you were little? I remember my Dad always making me banana milkshakes, and me thinking they were the best things in the world……ever……even better than chocolate!

I’d totally forgotten about them, until the other day I had a couple of bananas to use and I suddenly remembered about how brilliant they were. This must have been my first homemade banana milkshake in about two or three years but I was so excited I had to post! (Apologies for the hurried photo but my greed overtook my photography patience!!)

Just blitz a banana (ideally ripe rather than green!) with a big blob of vanilla ice cream, a good pinch of cinnamon, and a big glug of milk. You can easily make different flavours by varying the fruit and the ice-cream that you use but the original banana one remains unbeaten for me!

That’s it – nostalgia in a glass! Absolute perfection!

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