Super soup!

Super soup!

So it’s been a tiring couple of weeks – I’ve been pretty poorly with a cold that turned into a bit of a chest infection which totally stopped me sleeping. It really ruled out cooking….or in fact doing anything that wasn’t just sitting on the sofa wheezing!

Anyway – I’m now back cooking again and wanted to post about one bit of brilliant comfort food that I made when I was starting to get better. The cold had somewhat numbed by tastebuds and so I was craving big strong flavours, and I remembered seeing something a while ago that fresh ginger and chilli had a lot of brilliant things packed into them that would help me fight off my yukkiness!

I’ve called this my “super soup” because it actually really helped me to feel better (although I don’t think any of the ingredients have the famous “superfood” status!) …..and also because it was super spicy! To make the super soup I used:

  • onion
  • garlic
  • red chilli
  • fresh ginger
  • sweet potato
  • thai red curry paste
  • palm sugar

I chopped the onions, garlic, ginger and chilli and softened in a pan with some olive oil, before adding sweet potato which I had cut into cubes. After a couple of minutes I added a spoonful of thai red curry paste and stirred for another minute until fragrant before adding water and leaving to simmer until the sweet potato was soft.

To help to balance some of the heat I added some palm sugar. If you don’t have any of this it’s well worth getting hold of either in dry blocks or in a jar a little like honey – it really adds an extra dimension to thai food and makes it taste a lot more authentic.

That’s it! Just blend everything together with a hand mixer and enjoy from a mug while curled under a duvet on the sofa!

8 thoughts on “Super soup!

  1. Just tucked into the soup. Seriously good – even better with the home made bread and home made beer. It will be made again. Who need a Michelin star, anyway? Tyres don’t like their food as much as me.

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