MERRY CHRISTMAS! – a look back at 2012 on applepiezucchini

applepiezucchini - Christmas

I am now back home in Yorkshire – the land of flat hats, whippets and proper tea – for the Christmas holiday! Although I am being spoilt rotten and am being cooked for all the time (more stories of my Dad’s excellent bread and mum’s fruitcake which is quite possibly the best in the world later on) it does mean I am left somewhat short of anything to post! Even today’s Christmas dinner had absolutely nothing to do with me as it really would have been a case of too many cooks!

So……much like all the CDs that you may have seen while you were out Christmas shopping I have decided to do a “best of” post! This does come at a good time though, as I just realised I have missed the first anniversary of the day I started applepiezucchini which fell a few weeks ago! When I started posting, I didn’t think anyone would really read the blog, and I was using it just as a way to make myself keep trying different things as I had been stuck in a bit of a culinary rut. I have been really delighted with the kind comments and enthusiastic response my stuff has had from so many of you, and that has become a whole reason in itself to keep posting, so thank you! Although there have been large gaps in posting caused by being away from home with work so often I am pleased to say that a new exciting job in 2013 should allow me to really get into my stride and post more regularly as I have been doing since mid-October.

As many people have only started following me recently and will not have seen a lot of older stuff so I don’t feel as bad about repeating previously posted recipes – here are a couple of my highlights from the past year:

My favourite post – mackerel pate

Picture 041

This was a tough one to decide because I love so many of the recipes which have already featured on the blog, and which are the tried and tested favourites that I return to time and time again. This mackerel pate just wins for me though, as I make it all the time for everything from a quick lunch through to a nice starter for a dinner party. For those of you newer to applepiezucchini this one is well worth a look back to!

Most popular post – mozarella tomato and rocket salad

Mozzarella, tomato and rocket salad

A simple but amazing salad – I’m a little surprised by this I have to admit, as this one almost didn’t make it as far as the blog as I thought it was too simple! However it does prove that some of the simplest ideas are the best, and that food does not need to be complicated to be delicious!

Most festive post (it is Christmas after all!)

Stained glass biscuits

I think the prize for this category has to be the Stained glass biscuits – I know these were only posted recently but they are so pretty and Christmassy that I think they are well worth another mention (and I quite like the picture)!

I think it may be time to pour a glass of something fizzy and flick through the latest additions to the cookbook collection – Nigel Slater’s – The Kitchen Diaries II and The National Trust’s Simply Baking by Sybil  Kapoor which both arrived today. Whatever you have been up to today I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas!

With love and mince pies from Rach x

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