Bacon and apple salad

Bacon and apple salad

This was just a really quick supper before Ben had to shoot out to play tennis the other night, but it was so tasty that I thought it was worth a quick post!

Now I know salad may not be the first choice for dinner for most of you given the snow and general chilly-ness outside at the moment, but I fall back on it time and time again as a (reasonably) healthy and instant dinner. Now, I say reasonably because I invariably top salads with delicious things like chorizo, bacon, and a good glug of oil and vinegar which I certainly cannot argue as being super healthy!

This salad used an absolutely classic combination of pork and apple which is always a bit of a winner. I used a diced fresh apple and crispy unsmoked bacon which gave a fantastic flavour, as well as a good mix of textures.

The rest of the salad was made up of mixed leaves (iceberg lettuce, rocket, watercress and baby spinach), diced cucumber, spring onions, and moonblush tomatoes, and I topped it with a few shavings of parmesan. The dressing was just olive oil, balsamic vinegar and tiny bit of salt, but finished it off perfectly.

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