Blueberry and banana smoothie

blueberry and banana smoothie

The only even slightly bad thing about my week off between old job and exciting new job is that I am in the house a lot near a lot of tempting food and recipes and am wanting to spend all day eating! What’s wrong with that I hear you say, but I am trying to be slightly good after the usual Christmas indulgences and a lot of meals out over the last week or two.

So this afternoon when I wanted something sweet I made this quick drink to keep the chocolate cravings at bay. I had bought some frozen blueberries recently and this seemed the perfect excuse to use them! Frozen berries are such a good idea for eating fruit out of season, and it’s certainly a lot kinder to the wallet than buying fresh blueberries in Scotland in February!!

All you need to make one of these is:

  • Handful of frozen blueberries
  • 1 banana
  • splash of milk

Now I’m not sure if this is technically nearer a milkshake than a smoothie, but you could replace the milk with a fruit juice if you want a “proper” smoothie! Either way it was delicious and surprisingly filling.

…..I may or may not still have some chocolate later though!

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