Following on from the Indian cooking theme from the bhindi bhaji post earlier in the week, I wanted to post about the chapatis I made last night!

For someone who bakes a lot I have always been a bit reticent to make bread. I don’t really know why…perhaps because I am a bit scared that I will invest a good part of a day making something which resembles a small brick…and probably because I am rarely in for the whole day which I would need to be in order to do all the proving stages.

The solution? Start with easy breads and work upwards! The first step on my quest to become a top baker had to be a flat bread without any yeast, or any raising times! I found this recipe on the BBC site and it seemed as simple as bread could possibly be – just flour and water! I know I bang on about the BBC site but it is actually amazing as a source of inspiration and fantastic food!

Two things to say about this one:

  1. Make these……now! These little breads are amazing, simple and they taste as good if not better than a lot I have eaten in restaurants and from shops!
  2. Don’t be too heavy handed with the water, as the amount you will need depends on your flour. I had a decent amount left but the dough would have been far too wet if I had used it all!

We had these with a curry but they would also be great to make a wrap or to dip in something like houmous for a bit of a change to a packed lunch. If like me you have had doubts about making bread I would really recommend this recipe as a first step. I’m now brimming with confidence to take it up a gear…the next bread may even involve yeast!

8 thoughts on “Chapatis

  1. Look good! We always make our own nowdays, as they’re so quick and easy. Just take a look at the long list of ‘ingredients’ on shop bought ones too! I sometimes add a bit of oil and use half and half white/brown flour to make wraps (they stay a little softer).

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