Fish pie

Mary Berry's fish pie

We had snow! If you listened to the panic stricken commuters trudging round Edinburgh there were several inches…..loads…..with drifts of well over a foot! How much was there really? About an inch – two at a push!

Anyway, the Arctic wind was no exaggeration and so dinner was another hearty plate of comfort food in the form of a fish pie. I know this may be surprising, but I don’t think I have ever made one of these before! We’ve been talking about our diet this past month or so, and have decided it would be no bad thing if we cut down a little on the amount of red meat that we eat but upped our fish levels a bit. Cue a whole new type of recipe just waiting to be tried!

As usual, first inspiration always comes from the BBC sites, but when I looked up “fish pie” I was confronted with over 550 recipes! Who knew a fish pie could take on so many different forms!? Topped with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pastry, sliced vegetables……filled with just about every kind of fish I’d ever heard of (and a couple I hadn’t!)….some with about 6 ingredients and others with about 6 pages! This all seemed a bit overwhelming and so when I saw this one by Mary Berry (have I ever said how much I love her and her recipes!?)  it looked like the classic recipe I was looking for.

The only tweak I made other than scaling back the quantities to serve 2 rather than 6 was that I used cod instead of fresh haddock to go alongside the smoked haddock – no real reason for this other than it looked excellent in the shop!

Not the most exciting picture for this one I’m afraid but it tasted fantastic!

6 thoughts on “Fish pie

  1. I need fish pie now!!! I grew up eating this, with a very similar recipe, only difference is just plain haddock in my mums version I think x Everyone always laughs when I describe an amazing fish pie with boiled eggs in it!! ;p

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