Sushi school!

Sushi school goodies

Last night Ben and I went to sushi school! This was my fantastic Christmas present from him that we have only just got round to doing and it was absolutely brilliant!

Run at Yo Sushi up in their restaurant at the top of Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, it’s a 2 hour course (although we ended up there for about 3 hours) where one of their chefs talks you through making sushi and you get hands practice and making 7 kinds of sushi for yourself to eat!

Usually I think the course is run for 8-10 people but we were really lucky and got booked on a night with just one other couple meaning we had pretty much a private lesson! The teacher Justin was fantastic, funny and gave us lots of really useful information such as where to get the best fish, and where we would be able to find some of the kit for making our own sushi in the future.

The course started with a section on how to make the sushi rice, and another on how to choose and prepare fish for the various types of sushi. Now I won’t even pretend that my knife skills will be anywhere close to his, but this was really useful…who knew that a salmon had so many different cuts and tastes of meat!?

Then the gloves were on and we were off! With step by step help we made the following:

  1. Cucumber maki (small rolls with the seaweed on the outside and cucumber in the middle
  2. Inari mini iso – a small iso (inside out) roll filled with inari (a type of fried tofu), tamago (sweet omlette) and cucumber. The outside was coated with shichimi – a japanese mixed chilli powder
  3. Vegetable futomaki – a bigger roll with seaweed on both sides of the rice filled with cucumber, tamago, avocado and a japanese pickled radish called sakurazuke. (I left out the avocado – one of the few foods I cannot stand)
  4. California hand roll – again with no avocado (what an annoying thing not to like in a sushi course!!)
  5. California iso – a bigger inside out roll with sesame seeds on the outside and crab and cucumber (to replace the yukky avocado) on the inside
  6. Masago gunkan – a block of rice wrapped in the seaweed filled with masago – a vibrant orange fish roe
  7. Salmon nigiri – a block of rice topped with a delicately thin slice of the best bit of the salmon

We managed to eat a good amount of this on the evening, but as we were making several portions of some of the rolls, they pack up the rest for you to eat at home! They also gave us the rolling mats and a booklet filled with the step by step guides for each type of sushi and suggestions of other ingredient combinations to get us started at home!

I knew I was going to enjoy this but I didn’t realise just how much! There was a healthy level of competition between Ben and I to see whose rolls received the best marks …I definitely won the maki and the hand roll rounds but lost the iso and futomaki!

I certainly won’t stop eating sushi in restaurants, but I will definitely get some of the stuff and try and make my own – it’s really healthy and good fun to make. I think the scariest part is the fish slicing, but I could always cheat and start with smoked salmon and veggies until I am ready to try the real thing!

6 thoughts on “Sushi school!

  1. I’ve done that, too! Drank too much saki, and it was in the middle of the day. Not sure I could make sushi today!!! But I know I had fun! And I can tell you did too!

    • We stayed clear of the saki but enjoyed a beer while we were doing it – I’m all inspired to have a go on my own but have to wait until the weekend when I can get to the Chinese supermarket for some of the essentials!

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