Beef braised in beer and black treacle

Beef winter warmer with black treacle and beer

It is almost Easter and we have had snow in at least brief showers every day for the past couple of weeks! While I want my cooking to move towards spring salads and nice light fish dishes, I am well and truly stuck in winter warming comfort food mode!

This recipe was just perfect, and had the added bonus of being really cheap because the slow cooking cuts of beef like the brisket used here are really inexpensive. Leaves more money to spend on heating….or maybe just dessert!

This recipe came from my Dad as a tried and tested favourite…and instead of the usual photo of the finished meal I have posted the picture from the cookbook which published the recipe (well done Dad for getting published – it’s something I am very jealous of!)

We had this with roasted veg and mashed potatoes, and it definitely hit the spot! One thing to mention though is that the sauce is quite thin (but packed with flavour). You may want to thicken it up a little bit depending on your tastes by reducing it down or adding something like cornflour. There is also rather a lot of sauce which it would be criminal to waste – either freeze it to use as a sort of beef stock, or do what we did and turn it into the sauce for a rather yummy steak and ale pie by adding some tomato puree, worcestershire sauce and some gravy granules!

Ps – this post was written whilst eating some chocolate mint cookies….have a look if you’ve not seen them before!

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