Guest recipe – Lucy’s Easter Sunday afternoon tea


Welcome to the first guest recipe feature on applepiezucchini! When I first started blogging I didn’t admit to any of my friends that I was doing it until I convinced myself that I wasn’t awful and about to get seriously laughed at! Now applepiezucchini is more established I have started pestering my friends to send me pictures and recipes which I could feature, and so would like to congratulate and introduce my friend Lucy on being the first to step up! 


So on Easter Sunday I had Rach and Ben round for afternoon tea, after which I was bestowed the ultimate honour…a guest spot on Applepiezucchini!

The day before they came round, I had a wonderful time planning all the goodies I could prepare and quickly decided on a couple of old favourites, alongside some new delicacies. One of the classics (which never fail to be pulled out when guests are round) is my bacon and cheese puff pastry twists. The recipe originally came from Lorraine Pascale, a source of constant inspiration for easy to cook but tasty treats. The basic recipe is really very simply and requires just:

  • Cheese – I prefer extra mature cheddar but feel free to go for something milder if you prefer;
  • Streaky bacon; and,
  • Puff pastry – store bought works just as well as home made.

I tend to add lots of cracked black pepper to the twists as I am going along, but you could also add some Tabasco for a bit more of a kick! They go in the oven for c.20 mins but do keep an eye on them as depending on the size of your twists they may be done sooner.

One of the new recipes, and one which I am rather happy to say was a real crowd pleaser, was for blueberry and lemon cream millefeuille. These again are a recipe adopted from Lorraine Pascale and are very straightforward but require a bit of patience.

For the puff pastry, you can use store bought pastry, but the key to getting it right is icing sugar – you must dust the pastry in icing sugar when you roll it out, before you put it in the oven and again mid way through cooking. You must keep an eye on the pastry pieces in the oven as they can burn very quickly – they require a maximum of 10 minutes at 200°c.

For the lemon cream, I use double cream, plus the juice and zest of one lemon and of course…icing sugar – I tend to just put it all in at once and hit go on the electric whisk. Then I pipe small rounds of cream onto the cooked pastry, pop a blueberry on top, follow with another round of cream before assembling my millefeuille and topping off with a final sprinkling of icing sugar! You could make any sort of variation on this recipe with your preference of fruit, I like to mix crushed raspberries into the cream to give a wonderful pink colour – just don’t forget the icing sugar!



Well done Lucy! The millefeuille in particular were superb and sound like an excellent idea for the block of puff pastry currently sitting in my fridge!

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