Sea bream and cucumber maki rolls

Sea bream and cucumber maki rolls

Hello strangers! My plans of cooking and blogging over the last couple of weeks have been somewhat slowed by broken internet, and before that a nice surprise visit from Mum and Dad while Ben was away skiing with his family. While Dad mooched his way from Edinburgh to St Andrews on the Fife Coastal Path, Mum and I munched our way through several fantastic restaurants! Particular highlights were Iris on Thistle Street and Kismot – a fantastic Indian restaurant which is home to a weird sounding but amazingly tasty Irn Bruna!!!

So apologies for the delay but I’m only just getting around to posting about some of the yummy food I’ve made recently. This is the one I am most pleased with so it’s first up!

Since sushi school I have been itching to try and make my own rice and rolls, and the first day on my own in the flat was the perfect opportunity. I had already bought most of my supplies from the local Chinese supermarket, but I headed to the local fishmongers for inspiration. The staff there really know their stuff, and recommended me a few options when I told them I would be making sushi – and I left with some fantastic sea bream.

Next step – the rice! I was a little doubtful that it would work properly, as the directions we got from sushi school were scaled down from the massive restaurant quantities that they make, and there was none of the gadgetry and machinery that they use….but it worked fantastically! The key things are to rinse the rice several times until the water runs clear, and then to cook the rice (110ml water for every 100g of rice) in a pan with a tightly sealed lid, leaving to cool for 10 mins before opening. At this point mix in the sushi vinegar and mix until absorbed before leaving to cool completely.

I decided to stick to small maki rolls and to not be too over-confident with the more tricky iso rolls just yet. Half were filled with cucumber and toasted sesame seeds, and the other half contained my lovely sea bream.

Rolls – tick! Pickled ginger and soy sauce – tick tick! Wasabi…very spicy tick!

These were so so good and I devoured the whole lot! I’m really encouraged that the home-made ones taste every bit as good as restaurant ones, and that the rice worked without problems. Will be making these again soon, and I can’t wait to try some other combinations!

5 thoughts on “Sea bream and cucumber maki rolls

  1. Yum. I need to make sushi again sometime. I love how you can be quite experimental with sushi at home and use only ingredients that you love. I’ve never tried sea bream before, not even sure we can get it here in New Zealand. What other fish would you say it is similar to?

  2. I love sushi. I make it regularly but I haven’t tried sea bream either. Glad to know that salmon and tuna measure up well… as otherwise I’d have been pretty sad not to have access to sea bream here in Australia! Glad that your internet is fixed now!

    • I think that salmon and tuna are the classics to use in sushi for a reason…that said I love to experiment with new ingredients all the time…I would recommend a japanese pickled radish at the centre of a maki roll which I had for the first time in a restaurant last night!

      • I don’t think I’ve eaten pickled radish in tuna before. Sounds delicious! We had sushi last night also… stuck to the tuna and salmon though, plus another roll with fish roe and smoked eel (delicious!)

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