Mystery ingredient number 3!

mystery ingredient 3

It’s been a good few days here and I am full of the proverbial beans! The sun is finally shining in something approaching summer weather (I really hope I haven’t just jinxed it by saying that but sods law it will now promptly start raining!), and I’ve been getting out and about on a bit of a push to be a bit healthier and more active.

We’re doing something at work called the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) and it basically involves wearing a step counter every day for 16 weeks and competing against teams from tons of other countries and companies. It has come at a perfect time as I’ve been trying to step up my running lately, and my competitiveness with the GCC means I am ditching a few lazy lunchtimes and weekend snoozes in front of the tv in favour for walks in the hills, and lunchtime wanderings. It’s early days but it’s just the push I needed!

Anyway – the reason I mention my “health kick” is that the fridge is now bursting full of fruits and vegetables even more than usual to fuel me round the many miles. I came across this in my supermarket yesterday and had to get it for the third round of my mystery ingredient challenge. As usual – just comment with any guesses and I’ll link to the first few people to get it right when I reveal the answer tomorrow!

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