Where to begin…

applepiezucchiniSo at the end of May this year I took a wee break from blogging after getting engaged, and numerous times since then I have had the urge to restart but have felt myself hesitating. Why? I’m not entirely sure! As soon as I started again I knew I wanted to be able to blog at a decent pace without lots of pauses and “sorry I haven’t posted for a few days” posts, and the longer I left it the more daunting I found the idea of coming back. Rather than just any recipe, it would have to be the recipe to end all amazing recipes accompanied by a suitably arty (and equally amazing) photo! I have also found myself making stupid excuses like…the under-cabinet lights in my kitchen which I use for my photos are broken…so I can’t possibly restart this week! You get the idea!

Now this is just daft, and it’s not as if I haven’t been cooking for the last few months. Time to man up and start blogging again! I think it’s a good omen that I log on today and apparently it is applepiezucchini’s second birthday!

I’ve missed this, and hopefully a few of you may have missed reading my ramblings! Thanks for waiting for me to come back, and here goes….

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