Mince pie swirls

Mince pie puff pastry swirls

Just a quick midweek post with a definite Christmassy flavour. Whether you want a festive treat to eat while curled up on your sofa with a cup of tea, or whether you need to take something to a mulled wine party, this could be a bit of a winner! I am feeling extremely Christmassy after a week off work putting my tree up, doing all my Christmas shopping, and drinking one or two glasses of glühwein , and these little pastries hit the spot!!!

A bit of a twist on the classic mince pie – there are a total of three ingredients if like me you are in the mood to cheat a little. Puff pastry, mincemeat and sugar – that’s it! However, if you had the time and felt like it, you could of course make your own mincemeat and/or pastry.

Just roll out the pastry onto a sugared worktop, and spread the mincemeat over the top. Roll up and then chill for a while. When ready to cook, cut slices from the roll and place them (spread out) on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. I found these needed about 20-25 mins at around 180-190 degrees.

When writing up this post I stumbled upon a pretty much identical recipe on the BBC’s Good Food site, so here it is. The only real difference is that this one suggests covering the swirls with flaked almonds before baking.

And now the equivalent of peeking under the next flap in the advent calendar to see what is coming up next…posts to follow in the next few days covering the full spectrum of foodie loveliness – from basic bread loaves to michelin-starred fine dining!

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