Exciting times ahead!


It’s all go over here! Wedding plans are picking up speed, a serious January clean and tidy of the flat has been underway, and I hopefully find out next week whether or not my temporary job is being made permanent….keep your fingers crossed for me on Wednesday!

Anyway, in all the excitement I’ve barely touched the amazing stack of cookery books and food related gadgetry which arrived at Christmas! The only book I have managed to read is Mary Berry’s autobiography…well worth a read by the way! Thought I’d share my excitement of my new books on here, and ask that if you happen to have any of them and recommend particular recipes then give me a shout as otherwise I am a little bit clueless about where to start!

Bread: River Cottage Handbook 3 – My bread making so far has tended to stick to the basics, but this little gem is going to get me to a whole new level, it’s jam packed with not only recipes but lots of really helpful hints and tips on everything from equipment to kneading techniques. As soon as I get my hands on a suitable jar I am going to start our first sourdough!

Brilliant Bread – James Morton – Another bread book, this one from a previous Bake Off finalist (and wearer of amazing jumpers!) who we came to know as “Shetland James”. I wouldn’t usually be that tempted by a book from a Bake Off contestant, but really liked his bread making when he was on tv, and love this book – filled with lots of lovely pictures and a very easy to read approach. This is the kind of book I would happily just read while drinking a nice cup of tea!

River Cottage Veg Every Day! – Technically this one wasn’t a Christmas present, but my Dad got it for Christmas from my brother who already owns a copy, and I bought my own copy with Christmas vouchers so I think it counts! Ben and I eat very well, and there are always plenty of fruits and vegetables around, but sometimes I think I slip into the habit of thinking a meal is somehow incomplete without some meat. This book is fantastic and really champions eating vegetables not just as a side dish, but as the star of the show. I’m going to try to take inspiration from this one to eat vegetarian dinners at least once or twice a week.

Patisserie – Christophe Felder  – this bright pink brick of a book contains years worth of serious skill, from the standard pastry types through to intricate sugar decorations I won’t even dream of making yet. If I can eventually do half the stuff in here I may be ready to go on the Bake Off!

Where to start…

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