Spiced carrot and lentil soup

Carrot and lentil soup

I’m caught between the seasons at the minute – there is a new optimism about the longer daylight hours and not having to travel to and from work in the dark, but as this morning’s walk along the coast showed me, sunshine in Edinburgh does not mean it will be warm!!!

So, now I am safely back on my sofa drinking tea and wearing Ben’s biggest and most snuggly jumper  I was deciding which of my two recently photographed recipes I should post about. One was a winter warmer – a nice hearty bowl of soup, and the other was some light, fresh vegetarian sushi…..after getting cold this morning I think the soup had to win.

You can find the link to the recipe on the BBC Good Food site here, and I’d definitely recommend it as it’s very quick and simple to make, but packs a massive punch of flavour from the toasted spices. I was a little dubious about adding milk to a soup, but it really helped to give the soup a rich and full flavour. The recipe suggests serving with warmed naan breads, but we had it with some fresh home-made white bread which was just as tasty!

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