Carrot crisps


As much as I am a baker at heart, and cakes/biscuits are my favourite things to make, it’s usually salty and savoury foods which I crave. Probably not the thing for a foodie to admit, but I could happily munch through a bag of crisps most days! I really love the vegetable crisps that are around at the minute but I’ve always wondered if they are a bit overpriced and I could make my own.

This is only my second ever go at making them. The first…..well probably the less said the better on that one! I was browsing the net for recipe recently and I saw this one on the Telegraph’s website. I definitely didn’t follow it to the letter, but used the general process.

I used just carrots rather than the mix of veggies suggested in this post, but used a peeler to get thin strips, which are then patted in kitchen paper to dry off. The seasoning I used was a little olive oil, salt, sugar and pepper (you don’t need very much of any of these) – just rub the seasoning into the veggie strips before laying them out on a baking tray. The website suggested a 180 degree oven, and to have a check after 10 minutes – with about 15-20 mins of cooking time overall. I think depending on your oven you may need slightly longer than this – some of mine were still a bit soft and bendy after the 20 minutes – just keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.

And that’s about it – not a grand recipe, but a really tasty one! I think it’ll definitely be worth experimenting with some other veggies, and I think it may also be interesting to add a couple of spices into the seasoning – all suggestions welcome!

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