Birthday brownies

Birthday brownies Birthday brownies 2

Continuing on from the birthday theme of the last post – it was my Dad’s birthday at the weekend! It was a “big birthday” (21 and a bit!?), so Ben and I headed down to Yorkshire to surprise him! He and Mum arrived back from seeing my brother in Cambridge to find presents and cards covering the table and me happily making a three course meal in the kitchen!

For some nibbles to start we had some tomato, basil and mint bruschetta and some mini beef wellington tartlets from a Mary Berry recipe I’d found.

For main course we had my paprika chicken – this is one of my Mum’s favourites and as we were also celebrating Mother’s day the next day it seemed as good a reason as any to make it!

A really fantastic day which of course wouldn’t be complete without some form of birthday cake – or in this case birthday brownies (same recipe as used in this post) with a decoration idea I’d seen on the internet recently. I think it’s really effective – just shake icing sugar over a cardboard stencil. Don’t worry about buying a stencil – I just drew the bow shape on a cardboard box and cut it out from there. It would definitely work over a sponge cake but I thought the brownies might be nice to nibble throughout the rest of the day after a big meal…..although I dare you to only have a little bit!!!

Happy birthday Dad – love you lots!

2 thoughts on “Birthday brownies

  1. Nice to see ‘care for the elderly’ in action – and no calories could be seen, no matter how hard I looked.

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