Birthday cake!

Smarties bday cakesmarties birthday cake

I lost an hour the other day…..a whole hour just disappeared! And what was I doing? Well, I started browsing Pinterest for birthday cake ideas and that was that!

There are so many incredible ideas on there – mostly made by people with a lot more talent and patience than me, but I fancied giving this one a go as it looked impressive while not totally impossible!

The cake inside could be anything you wanted, but I did two layers of chocolate sponge, which I filled and covered with chocolate icing. The outside is KitKat bars stood side by side, and the top is made with smarties – lots of smarties!!! These are on their sides just pushed into the icing in concentric circles of colours. I needed three bags of smarties to cover the cake but there were plenty of spares from the colours nearer the centre……or at least there were until Ben got involved…

It’s a seriously indulgent cake – definitely one for a birthday because we all know the rule….birthday cake calories don’t count!

Happy birthday Aileen!

7 thoughts on “Birthday cake!

    • Thanks! Afraid I can’t claim credit for the idea but I think it looked really effective. Also because the orange ones are near the middle (and orange Smarties are by far the best ones!) there were plenty for me to eat too!

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