Carrot and sweet potato soup with lime yoghurt

Hello! Long time no post!! Please don’t judge me too harshly on having been away for so long as I have been on holiday on the west coast with no phone or internet access, and before that was in India for a month with work!

Brilliant adventures but I’ve finally come home and found myself craving home comforts – mostly baking and hearty British food. Don’t let the month of May fool you – I’m writing from my sofa looking out onto the sea which is bleak and grey – with driving rain and clouds which are hiding the land on the other side! I promise as soon as I’ve had my fix of British food I will try out and blog about some of the amazing food I had in India – brilliant!

I was trying to use up a few veggies today before shopping at the weekend, and found myself with a fair amount of carrots and sweet potatoes hanging around – my mind immediately went to soup but I went to the BBC recipe finder in search of a bit of a twist. Found this lovely recipe by Richard Phillips which I will definitely be making again.

The soup itself is along the lines of what I would usually make, although if anything it seems a little heavy on the butter. This makes the soup really rich and creamy, but if you are not planning on using the yoghurt I would use less butter to keep things a bit lighter.

The topping is really refreshing, greek yoghurt mixed with lime zest spooned onto the soup for serving, along with a sprinkle of parsley.  This balances out the richness of the soup really nicely and is well worth the extra effort if you have time to get hold of the final few ingredients.

Overall a brilliant recipe, very quick, very cheap and very easy, but a little different to most of the soup recipes I have found.

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