Asparagus and puff pastry cigars

It’s May, and that means the start of the British asparagus season! While I am in no way going to preach about only eating local food and shunning any of the brilliant foods imported from abroad I am a big believer in eating seasonal food, and choosing local food instead of imports where possible. It’s more abundant, and just a lot tastier!! Ben and I love asparagus, and will be eating a lot of it over the next couple of months in a variety of different recipes which I will be posting about on here.

I had some puff pastry to use up, and so this quick little recipe from the BBC food site seemed perfect. Just roll out the pastry and spread a thin layer of cream cheese on top before cutting into long thin strips. Roll each asparagus spear in a bit of the pastry and lay on a baking sheet. Once all the spears have been rolled, brush with some beaten egg and grate some parmesan on the top. Easy peasy!

After 15 mins or so they are puffed up and delicious! We ate these (really quickly!) with some dressed salad, smoked trout, and mango potato salad (recipe to follow soon!), but these would be equally great as part of a picnic, as a starter on their own, or as a party canapé. Although we used the full-sized asparagus spears this time, you could make a mini version using just the mini asparagus tips  with a reduced cooking time.

Please let me know any seasonal recipes you’d recommend I try, especially asparagus ones at the moment!

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