Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

This is a post I’ve thought long and hard about. I’ve missed this…blogging I mean, but the longer I left it the harder it’s been to start again. And more than anything I’ve dreaded the “sorry I’ve been away but now I’m back …..blah” post. So that’s it, apologies over, dread over – back to the food! I hope some of you haven’t forgotten about me and will enjoy the new pictures and recipes!

These little cupcakes were a bit of a “make it up as you go” sort of recipe but they were really nice! I wanted to try out some new icing nozzles that I’d bought myself over the Christmas holidays so found this recipe for chocolate buttercream on the BBC food website. You will need:

  • 50g dark chocolate
  • 100g butter
  • 200g icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • a tiny bit of milk

For the cake, I just made a basic sponge recipe from:

  • 4oz butter
  • 4 oz caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 oz self-raising flour

and added about 1-2 ounces of dark chocolate chips. Apologies at this point for switching into ounces! It’s how I first learned to make cakes from the Bero book and I still think of cake mix in quantities of “4, 4, 4 and 2”

This amount of cake mix usually makes about a dozen smaller cupcakes, but I was using bigger cases about the size of muffins so I only got 6 (one for each of the 5 friends meeting up that afternoon plus one to fight over!).

The buttercream was much nicer for having melted chocolate in it – I sometimes think the ones using just cocoa powder can taste a little dusty. Despite the dark chocolate (I used 70% cocoa) this is still a really sweet icing – I used about half the recommended amount of vanilla extract and think it was plenty. In fact I may be tempted to skip it altogether if you’re using a lighter chocolate.

As for my icing technique – still not perfect, but so much better than I was before. Next stop – the two tone icing kit I’ve bought perhaps?!

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