I went to Rome on a conference with work a year or two ago, and stayed on for the weekend with some of my friends from the office. I absolutely fell in love with the food over there….gelato at the Trevi Fountain, pizza under the Pantheon, and the nicest (and strongest) coffee I have ever had. One night we were eating outside a lovely little restaurant and I saw affogato on the dessert menu which was obviously in Italian but I saw it had coffee in it and went for a bit of a gamble! When it arrived I realised it was just espresso and vanilla ice-cream – heavenly!

It was brilliant and I have had it a lot since – it’s perfect at the end of a big meal instead of a heavy dessert. It’s about the easiest dessert in the world to make, just pour a shot of espresso over vanilla ice-cream and eat immediately! The one thing I would say is that you need to be a bit of a coffee snob and pick good fresh coffee – I have seen some “recipes” (I can’t really call pouring coffee over ice-cream a recipe with a straight face!) which say to use instant coffee, but I tried it once and it was pretty awful!

I had this as a little pick me up before heading out to pick Ben up from a work thing, and it definitely hit the spot! If you’ve never tried it then I strongly recommend that you raid the freezer right now and give it a go!

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