Smoked vension carpaccio with rocket and cucumber

Smoked venison carpaccio

So…remember my day of foodie awesomeness on Saturday? It started off at the farmers’ market and I was absolutely in my element surrounded by lots of like-minded people…all freezing cold but all passionate about good food!

One of the goodies I came back with was some rather nice looking smoked venison carpaccio. The guy on the stall suggested simply eating it as it was with minimal extras. He then said “I suppose you could cook it….” but trailed off looking a bit pained until I assured him I wasn’t going to!

I decided on a really simple salad of rocket and very thin slices of cucumber to add freshness and peppery flavours, and dressed it with a little sea salt, good olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Wow – this was incredible! Having only ever eaten venison like a steak, cooked pink but served with rich sauces and roasted vegetables this was a bit of a revelation! The smokey flavour gave an extra dimension but the overall flavour was light yet rich and gamey. This would be perfect either as a light meal, or as a starter for a dinner party.

4 thoughts on “Smoked vension carpaccio with rocket and cucumber

  1. Yum. I hope try smoked venison one day. I’ve only tried raw venison once or twice but smoked sounds even better. You can tell the meat is super lean by the colour. I will be on the lookout for smoked venison locally.

    It’s lovely being surrounded by passionate foodies. One of the reasons why farmers’ markets seem to do so well. You get to chat to producers that live and breathe their products.

    This post would be a great link up to Our Growing Edge this month.

    • I agree – I love to ask producers on stalls what they think is particularly good at the moment and just take their recommendations! Ooh I will definitely submit this or something else for Our Growing Edge this month!

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