River Cottage white loaf

River cottage simple white loaf

A few of you may have started reading a previous version of this post – the perils of trying to write from a phone. Apparently “save draft” is the same as “publish immediately even though unfinished and with typos”!

It’s my last week at work before heading home to Yorkshire for Christmas with my family, and I know that when I get there, there will probably be some form of home made bread on the go as Dad tends to make some most days. Not with a bread machine, not even with a dough hook on a kitchenaid, but by hand the old fashioned way.

Now although I love bread….a LOT……(you cannot beat a slab of homemade bread still warm from the oven covered in butter!)….bread baking isn’t something I have that done much of, as I’m very rarely in the flat long enough to do all the proving and waiting for the bread to rise. However, I was talking to Dad the other day about how you can leave a loaf to do its first prove overnight in the fridge, and it was worth a shot! I hadn’t thought this would work as I was pretty sure the yeast needed a warm environment but I have been proved wrong…..sorry……that was awful!

I made the River Cottage simple white loaf, and have tried it both with the overnight prove, and just baked with the normal prove in a warm place, and both turned out really well. Also, although I love my kitchenaid and tend to use it wherever possible, I’m really surprised how much I have enjoyed kneading the dough for this recipe – very therapeutic!

Stick on some Christmas tunes and give it a try?

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