Pesto and Parmesan Palmiers

Pesto and parmesan palmiers

It has been a fantastic few days, but they certainly haven’t been days helpful to cooking or posting! After my last day at my old job on Thursday, Ben and I had a weekend away in Glasgow followed by my parents visiting from Yorkshire until this morning. We’ve eaten in some fab restaurants including an Italian tapas – what a brilliant idea….you can have a bit of pizza, pasta, risotto and antipasti without having to choose!!! Another highlight was the last night’s really nice (if slightly challenging on the chilli side!) Indian which has made me want to try to recreate a few of the dishes including the curry I had with poppy seeds, mint and coconut milk.

Anyway, I don’t start the new job until Monday, and I think a lot of the time between now and then will be based around cooking and eating! After I finish this post I will be off to the shop to try to find something unusual for my next mystery ingredient challenge!

I had chance to make a couple of very quick snacks for when my parents arrived and these little palmiers disappeared so quickly you know they had to have been good! Don’t worry they are nowhere near as fancy as the name makes them sound – if you’ve not heard of them before palmiers are snacks made out of puff pastry which is rolled from two edges into the centre, rather than rolling from one edge to get a spiral (like in my cinnamon swirls). Palmiers are fantastic with either sweet or savoury fillings but this combination of red pesto and grated parmesan is my favourite that I have tried so far…and the shopping list is easy as everything starts with P!!!

All you need is:

  • Puff pastry (I used shop bought but if you have the time and inclination you could make your own!
  • Pesto (I used red but green would work too)
  • Parmesan
  • Pepper

There are no precise quantities to worry about in this one – just roll the pastry into a rectangle so it’s not much thicker than a £1 coin, and spread the pesto on top. Shave or grate parmesan on top and finish with a few twists of cracked black pepper.

Turn the rectangle so that the short edges are on the left and right rather than the top and bottom. Take the left edge and roll towards the centre and repeat with the right. This will leave you with a roll pointing away from you. Gently press together and chill in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes as this will help them to hold their shape when you cut them.

Cut the roll into slices about half an inch wide and put on a baking tray – remember to leave plenty of space between each one as they will puff outwards as they cook!!

These need to bake until golden – I used an oven at about 200 degrees for about 12 minutes but the timing will depend on the thickness of your pastry and the thickness of your palmiers.

These are brilliant straight from the oven or cooled….if you can leave them long enough to cool down!

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